Why Get Oil Changes?

If you don’t get regular oil changes, what really happens?

Here’s a great video showing exactly how important it is to get your regularly scheduled oil changes. The short answer is that your oil will get dirtier and dirtier. This article shows the analysis of oil in a situation where a car didn’t get its regular oil changes. It’s not pretty – there’s metal showing engine wear and other particles like dust and so on. The oil will become abrasive, instead of protecting your engine from friction. It will provide very little lubrication and your engine will be forced to work with all of those contaminants rubbing up against things.

If your car loses oil, either through a leak or through burning, don’t think that simply adding new oil is going to fix the issue. Without a proper oil change, you’ll still have built up gunk that won’t go away. You need to change out the filter as well as fully replacing the fluid.

Now, do you have to get the oil change every 3000 miles? It depends. Here’s a resource to see how often you should get an oil change, given perfect driving conditions. It’s doubtful that conditions are perfect, so you probably want to be more conservative than the tool suggests.

If you’re ready to  make an appointment for an oil change, or just need to have us look over your car to see if it needs maintenance, contact our office and ask a mechanic when we can take care of your automobile!



Oil Change, Brakes, Major Repairs

This a great time to get an oil change, brake work, or major car repair. We’re easy to find on Gadsden Highway in Trussville, AL. Print off these coupons now. Don’t forget to bring them with you when you’re going to get your automotive maintenance done! We take appointments, so if you need to call ahead to decide on a time to drop off your vehicle, no worries! Just give us a call and be sure to  mention you’ve got a coupon from the web! We also have a drop-off service within 10 miles.

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Automotive Maintenance Coupons

Automotive maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your car. At Panos Automotive, we do more than just car repair – we do maintenance, we teach people about taking care of their cars, and we try to be a great asset to the Trussville, AL area. Bring in these coupons to get a free alignment check, $10 off an oil change, or a regularly scheduled maintenance checkup for much cheaper than you could get at a dealership! Keeping your car in great repair through timely automotive maintenance is more than just a habit, it’s an investment in your vehicle!


August-September 2016 automotive maintenance coupons
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Back to School Car Care Coupons!

Back to school is a great time to be thinking about maintaining your auto, so print out these car care coupons and coming in to Panos Automotive in Trussville, AL!

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August-September 2016 car care coupons

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Coupons for Summer 2016

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